Vivo Y72 Best Cheap Smartphone With 4G Batteries

The all new Vivo Y72 model was recently launched in the market by Vivo. With a resolution of 401pi, it is one of the best phones in this segment. There are other models with higher resolutions such as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro and Nokia E71. But there are certain facts that one must know before buying such high resolution phones. They are:

* This Vivo Y 72 model is for example only for the vivo y72 camera person. Actual image might also vary. There is no other storage space on this phone apart from the internal memory of this unit.

* The screen size is only 4.5 inches. It might increase when you go to a bigger version of this phone. You will notice it at the first go when the phone is held vertically. The body is made up of plastic and is not very attractive. So if you have to use this phone as one of your diary then this is not a good choice. The price of the video y 72 models are also not very low, but it will depend on the contract or the deal that you get with the store.

* There is no video recording option in this vivo y 72 model. The rear camera of this unit is just a standard camcorder type. It has no image stabilization feature, so you will have blurred images while taking videos. The front and the back cameras are also not of a high quality.

* The battery of this vivo y 72 model is removable and can be replaced by new ones. This handset is compatible with all major memory cards. You can transfer pictures and videos to any flash drive or you can save them on internal memory of this handset. The SIM card of this unit can be inserted into any of the major mobile phones. The connectivity of this handset is just perfect for the purpose of making calls, internet access and video conferencing etc. The 8 MP super night selfie camera of the Y 72 is a very good addition to the list of this handset’s special features.

* The battery life of this vivo y 72 models is quite long. It can work for more than three hours before the battery starts to charge slowly. This handset has an impressive battery life.

* There is no doubt that the display of this handset is beautiful. The pixel density of this handset is quite big and bright. The aspect ratio of this device is quite wide and it helps the users to browse easily and quickly. The memory size of this gadget is quite large as well. At the top of these there is a notification center which helps the users to get all the information they want with just one click.

* The sound quality of this handset is great. Apart from the normal functions of this handset, this unit also supports OGG audio format for the playback of music and videos. The dual tone ringtone of this unit is another feature that helps in reducing background noise. The resolution of this vivo y 72 Plus is also quite high and it makes the pictures and videos look vibrant and attractive.

* The connectivity of this handset is good. In use, you can connect the data cable to any computer or laptop. This makes the use of this gadget very simple. The connectivity features of the m 51 are excellent and that helps in getting the job done without any hassles.

* The Vivo Y 72 Plus has a nice looking camera. This handset has a major advantage of not including the micro SD card in the cell phone. This means that you can easily get hold of more pictures. The 5000 mah battery capacity of this device also enables you to make very long video calls without facing any problem. The Vivo y 72 Plus has a nice shooting mechanism and the user has to take care that he/she does not make any blunders when taking such photos.

All in all, this device gives you a chance to enjoy the best of everything. The Vivo Y72 Plus has a great blend of superior technology with a nice blend of functionality. The battery protocol, the great camera and the remarkable autonomous mode make this handset one of the best choices in the market for a smartphone.