Nocturnal Adventures – Shopping in Saigon’s Night Market

Nocturnal Adventures – Shopping in Saigon’s Night Market

One of the best parts of traveling abroad is the opportunity it gives us to be adventurous. This includes doing usual, everyday things in unusual settings – shopping, for instance.

Nothing compares to shopping in Saigon’s night market, where the setting is definitely unusual.

Saigon’s largest night market is located next to its iconic Ben Than Market, one of the city’s landmarks established by the French in 1859. Around sunset each day, when the doors of the Ben Than Market close, the night market comes alive. Open till midnight, this open ไซง่อน vip air market is an out-of-the-ordinary shopping experience. As dusk approaches, vendors scramble to set up their vibrant stalls; out of nowhere, tents, shelters, display racks and colorful wares appear quickly to create a brightly vivid, extensively decorated riot of color, displaying anything and everything.

Spilling over into the neighboring streets, the night market is filled with clothes, fabrics, souvenirs, kitchenware, handbags, spices and produce, and jewelry – these are just some of the colorful items on offer. While the night market may not be as glamorous as malls or supermarkets, these markets have a distinct character of their own and are popular both with locals and travelers. For travelers, the cooler nights present an ideal time to do some shopping while for locals it is a good time to meet friends and socialize.

The enormous variety of goods on offer make this a shoppers’ haven where great bargains are to be had. To boot, the market features numerous semi-permanent restaurants and a great range of food stalls, with many street vendors setting up shop to take advantage of the passing trade. At sunset, the area is transformed into a roadside eatery that won’t disappoint. A wide range of some of the best Vietnamese food, from the far north to the tip of the south is churned out nightly here. Artistically-presented delicious local delicacies, barbeques and fresh seafood are served by professionally attired workers. Without the frills and prices of a posh setting, food connoisseurs here can experience the 5-star quality of exotic dishes at reasonable prices. In fact, food here is a downright bargain!