Learn to deal with Irish style

Ireland has experienced the worst economic growth in the last decade, with thousands of highly educated graduates entering the labor market. Many have been successful entrepreneurs abroad, and it is a well-known fact that when someone leaves their backyard for new grazing, they work much harder.
But when it comes to learning to drive, the opposite is true, and here in Ireland there is an incredible situation. This is now one of the hottest topics in the media as a whole, so we need to believe it. We are one of the few developed countries in Europe and around the world to implement adriving school amsterdam responsive and manageable learning driver system that saves the lives and misery caused by unnecessary teenage deaths. Is not … The system it’s worth (and certainly not so much) couldn’t cope with the demographic changes in Ireland seven years ago. Today, learning in Ireland is in free fall and managers are not taught the basics. Not supervised; not ready for a driver’s license test and you can drive with confidence even after you fail the driver’s license test.
The basic structure that applies to other countries is that you need to constantly supervise driving while learning to drive until you pass the driving test, and you need to take driving lessons at a certified driving school before taking the driving test. It means that there is.
Taking a road test when you can’t drive is like booking a diving vacation far away if you’ve just rowed on the shallow side of a local pool. No one dreams of renting scuba gear without first getting professional training. The equipment was not actually delivered unless the dive shop owner asked a question. Therefore, learning management comes first, not after passing a driving test several times.
The big uproar over the rising waiting list for driving tests in Ireland is, in my opinion, the ridiculous smoke screen that many politicians have used to advertise over the last two years.
Without a formal legal framework for learning to drive and taking a driving test, it is clear that many new drivers, in fact most, will follow the easy path and attempt cheating. The result almost fails in the actual test and closes again at the end of the rope, but it only gets longer. It’s been a virtuous cycle for years, and the real end is visible until the newly established Highway Safety Authority persuades the Ministry of Transport to implement all the various push learning recommendations piled up on the minister’s desk. not. Year…
It may reduce the number of deaths on Irish roads, but only if properly applied and rigorous testing and driving test systems are in place. We’ll see some proposals come into play next year, but it’s clearly a long time before the results are recognized.
On the other hand, the Irish driver’s practice is to learn to drive, buy a car before taking a driving test, and wonder why it failed, or, as is often the case, a serious accident, and it’s clear. It has painful consequences.