IPL 4 Match Result: Kolkata Knight Riders Whip Rajasthan Royals

IPL season 3 is long since over and everyone has somewhat forgotten about the controversy surrounding this eventful season. But one of the most sensational news of IPL season 3 still remains to be the ban put on Rajasthan Royal star member Ravindra Jadeja. This budding cricketer who took his team almost singlehandedly to their first IPL season win was found guilty for misconduct and anti team activity.

There were many speculations and issues who won the toss today raised over this controversy surrounding Jadeja and his team decision. The outcome which came in the form of a one year ban for Ravindra Jadeja from IPL [including the 3rd season] came as a shocker to many. Jadeja was directly placed into the Rajasthan Royal teams from his under-19 team after he gave some brilliant performances. In the first season of IPL, he was the shining star of his Rajasthan Royals team and played an important role in their winning.

A player of such caliber when banned from even participating in the match let alone remain in the team is indeed a dampener. However, Jadeja brought it upon himself by staying away from the legal path. The chap was found negotiating for a higher pay with another IPL team without first consulting his original team or the IPL board members. This is considered a serious breach of contract by IPL board and thus led to a one year ban for Jadeja by then IPL Chairman Lalit Modi. [The controversy regarding his chairman status is well another matter altogether!]

To Jadeja’s credit one can say that the guy was only looking for a new team after his current contract of 2 years with Rajasthan Royals expired this year. Mumbai Indians, the other IPL team in question here did lure him with a higher pay package. The only mistake Jadeja did was not consult his team and IPL board first. In a hearing called up by Arun Jaitely [Rajasthan Royals, Ravindra Jadeja and Mumbai Indians], Jadeja was found guilty and Mumbai Indians were also reprimanded for their tactics.