Debunking 10 Local SEO Myths

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is often seen as a confusing and messy way to move forward for many — especially for most newer businesses that are struggling to keep things afloat. SEO already involves trying to get the attention of the Google algorithm, which comes with its nuances. When an attempt to drive local SEO is added to the mix, everything can seem so confusing. This is why the use of an Orlando SEO agency is recommended for those whose business is in the area and want a decent chance at brand exposure.

There are so many opinions circling the web about the best way to handle the situation, and many of them couldn’t be farther from the truth. This list is all about debunking 10 of the most persistent local SEO myths around.

  1. Meta descriptions are essential in improving a company’s search ranking

Most people who take SEO seriously probably already make use of meta descriptions as a means of trying to make it easier for the Google algorithm to index. Unfortunately, the addition of meta descriptions does not necessarily mean that it will be easier to rank. The algorithm will take the necessary keywords and other information all over the content rather than only with the meta description.

  1. Social media does not help with local SEO

This one, in particular, is a strange local SEO myth that only started to gain traction recently, though there have been talks circulating for a while. Without a doubt, social media helps with any kind of SEO as it helps spread the word. It would be a shame to miss out on so many opportunities just because a company owner believed this obvious myth.

  1. Location keywords work no matter the situation

Unfortunately, the use of location keywords is not enough to help companies with local SEO methods. Instead, it is how the company makes use of the keywords that allow them to thrive. For example, an article that has nothing to do with a location adding the name of the location in a random spot will not work.

  1. Reviews have fallen out of style

While there might have been some truth to this a few years ago, reviews for companies online are more essential than ever. More and more homeowners get what they need from online services, which means they will be more likely to look into online reviews before trying new products and services.

  1. Citations are more important than links

There are reasons why this particular local SEO myth started circulating, though there is little truth in the matter. If a company has plenty of citations, it does not mean that it does not need links to help improve its rankings in local search.

  1. Backlinks are no longer crucial in local SEO

Some of the top-ranking factors in Google include the main content, links, and citations. While there have been plenty of updates over the years, the top-ranking factors remain the same. Backlinks are just as crucial in local SEO as they were years ago.

  1. Blogs and articles are no longer needed so long as there are citations

Another strange local SEO myth involves the importance of citations over everything else. Similar to the one about backlinks, it states that there is no need for blogs and articles with an abundance of citations. It is crucial to note that every factor matters when handling local SEO.

  1. Local attempts on SEO fall flat when you fail to claim your page

Just because a company is verified does not necessarily mean that it will outrank verified pages. While it’s generally a good idea to claim a page, it is by no means a guarantee for success. As stated above, SEO is all about taking multiple factors into account.

  1. Deleting a listing from Google My Business effectively removes it from Google

Google does not remove all the data from the listing when it is removed from Google My Business. The only thing that happens is it becomes unverified, and Google can still use the location however it wants. The reason why the myth started is due to the message that appears when a company owner attempts to remove a listing, as Google makes it seem like it will delete all traces of the company’s data in the listing.

  1. Content does not help with geo targeting and local search

Considering that content ranking will always be a factor on Google, it is strange to hear people claim that content does not help with local search. It helps with geo-targeting as it can be written to connect to certain areas and local events.

An understanding of the most popular local SEO myths above will help any company owner make their mark on their chosen industry through geo targeting. It can be easy for strange rumors to start circulating, and it’s crucial to separate fact from speculation.