Backsplash Options for a Kitchen Remodel

Trends dominate the kitchen design world every year, and 2012 is no exception. Now that we are halfway through the year, we thought we would outline the major trends that have defined the year so far. In contrast to 2010 and even 2011, this year designers are producing bright yet simple kitchens, with a bit of personality in the form of colour, patterns, or unique finishes. The good news is, most of the trends en vogue are actually quite practical and not difficult to adopt. They are great to keep in mind if you are looking to renovate or update the look and feel of your kitchen.

Rather than opting for completely neutral brick backsplash or outrageously colourful kitchens, people seem to be striking a balance by simply adding pops of colour. Adding splashes of colour to your kitchen is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to update it for 2012. Many designers are using wall murals, paintings, and colourful appliances to brighten up the most outdated of kitchens. Patterns have also proven to be very popular this year. In particular, nostalgic prints such as polka dots, florals, and checkers are making a comeback, frequently decorating appliances and dinnerware.

Streamlined simplicity
Some designers are leaning towards creating minimalist, ‘clean’ kitchens that hide appliances and machinery. For instance, fridges, microwaves, and dishwashers are often being covered with the same wooden or laminate finish as cabinets. There is also a trend towards integrated and organised appliances, such as fridges with labelled drawers inside. By hiding the ‘work’ that goes on in a kitchen, designers are creating streamlined looks that appear neat and tidy. In trying to overcome the challenge of creating a kitchen that is both streamlined and practical, many designers are incorporating islands into their designs.Forget being ‘matchy matchy’, 2012 is the year to mix and match finishes however you like. The key to this trend is to use finishes that complement each other to create an eclectic yet polished look. For instance, many designers are choosing to combine white or grey flooring with stainless steel bench tops and wooden cabinetry. Though the combination sounds odd, when it’s done right, the finished product is interesting and above all, aesthetically pleasing.