All about Trampo Extreme in Dubai

When you search villas for sale in Dubai you want to make sure attractions are nearby to entertain your kids. This blog talks about one of the most famous spots for kids.

Are you hunting for an entertaining indoor activity for children in Dubai? Trampo Extreme is home to a plethora of phenomenally enjoyable events where young people will happily burn a lot of steam. Being an indoor trampoline-based amusement park, Trampo enjoyment and adventure continues throughout the year. Let’s find out more about Trampo Intense and all the fun there is to bring.

What is Trampo Extreme?

Trampo Extreme has a long tradition of active operation of trampoline parks in the Middle East. Trampo opened the first UAE branch in Abu Dhabi’s Al Ain Mall. The other two branches are situated in Dubai – the Nakheel Mall on Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai. The park is also based in Oman, Kuwait and Qatar.

Activities at Trampo Extreme in Dubai

This family amusement complex consists of 16 separate jumping events, an indoor caving platform, slides and ball pits – making it one of the best places to visit in Dubai with children. Here’s a rundown of all the thrilling events and amenities of Trampo Extreme:

Ball Pool

Trampo at Nakheel Mall has an awesome ball pit! Kids want to leap into a huge ball pit and play hide and seek!

Soft Play Area

The soft play area of Trampo Extreme Dubai is separate from the rest of the region. This three-level region is fueling the youngster’s imagination and creativity by reflecting on various cities around the world. They will discover the ambience of each special area through 12 distinctive experiences offered to various age groups.

Ball Slump

Ball Slump is the nearest you can get to a spring in a real cave. This unusual attraction will host up to two guests at the same time. Get over the rock formation by jumping into the huge ball pit and rising cheerily on the other side.

Ascending Spiral

How about you test your luck with the Ascending Spiral activity? It’s just about going up a spiral tunnel while stopping an avalanche. What you need to do is keep sharp and continue scaling the tunnel.

Boulder Field

Explore your way through Boulder Field, a horizontal pathway filled with rocky obstacles that will slow you down!


A famous attraction in Trampo Dubai, the Airbag provides a safe and comfortable landing suitable for diving and jumping abilities.

High Jump

The high jump is where the action is. This is where children can leap off an inclined surface to fall comfortably in a foam trap.

Battle Beam

This task involves juggling yourself to shake off your foe. Don’t think about being injured as the pit in which the losing contestant lands is packed with fluffy, colourful foam. Fight Beam is one of Trampo’s most famous destinations.


Basketball buffs will enjoy their favourite sport with a trampoline turn. You’ve got to climb up in the air to score the baskets.

Foam Pit

Shows your best moves without thinking about a rough landing in the Foam Trap.

Wall and Boulder Climbing

Take the difficulty of scaling up seven different styles of walls to meet sky-high limits. Trampo also has a Boulder Climbing wall for a more enjoyable feel.

Obstacle Race Course

The Trampo Obstacle Race Course is one of the most difficult and enjoyable events. Here you will test your balance, stamina, mobility, power, pace and coordination.

Spanish Maza

Find the fastest way to win through the difficult Spanish Maze! It will not only test your speed but your ability to connect and find the right way out.

Trampo Extreme Dubai timings

Trampo Nakheel Mall Timings are Saturday to Friday, 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the location is closed on Sundays. The Dubai Mall branch’s time is 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is open the whole week long.

Celebrations at Trampo Extreme

Trampo provides children’s birthday party programmes, as well as business activities. However, due to COVID-19, the availability of events may be limited. It’s best to get in contact with Trampo for more details.

Here our guide to Trampo Extreme comes to an end. As the summers are approaching soon, you might want to take your kids out. There are several places near Bulgari Residences Dubai. So what are you waiting for? Let the fun begin!